In the Community: 2006-2007

One of our main priorities is helping out in the community. We accomplish this by participating in several Community Service projects throughout the year. Team members feel a sense of accomplishment when they realize they take part in making a difference. Helping the community also gives an opportunity to show everyone what Team KAOS is really about. We continue outreach efforts by maintaining strong communication with the community and the media. Please select a year below to find out more over events held that year:

Breast Cancer Awareness

In order to raise awareness for breast cancer, Team KAOS spread posters throughout the school hallways, handed out free buttons, and asked for donations. All proceeds went toward the Breast Cancer Charities of America. Every penny can make a difference, and every dollar could help save a life.


Go Green

Team KAOS introduced the ‘Go Green’ concept to our school. We created videos promoting recycling and showing young minds how they can help the environment and why it is important. Team KAOS also held a ‘Go Green’ day at our high school encouraging all of the students to wear green and recycle throughout the day.