Organization and Roles

Team KAOS believes in equality between all members. However, members have the option of becoming team leaders to serve as role models to other members and lead the team toward success.

Team Hierarchy

Team KAOS definitely encourages students to take on the responsibility of leadership positions. In most cases, leaders are grouped with members who are less experienced in that particular subject area. Team leaders report to the team’s Executive Board, who then report to the team Mentors and Engineers.

A predetermined hierarchy has been created to aid members in deciding what disciplines they may be a part of or a leadership role that may be availabe to them. Below is the flow of the hierarchy. Team Mentors and Engineers provide advice and direction for the team. In addition, the Executive Board serves as the liasion of information from the mentors to the discipline team leaders, which then channel that information to the rest of the team.

Team KAOS' Hierarchy


Leadership and structure are key for our team to function efficiently. With a good hierarchy, rules, responsibilities, and weekly reports, our team runs very smoothly. –Paul Johnson, Lead Team Mentor

Team KAOS members have to follow guidelines over what is expected of a certain role or position. Below are a few of these guidelines:

Responsibilities provide team members with a different perspective and early insight into the roles that may come with corporate positions.


  • Promote, teach and maintain a SAFE working environment and practices at ALL times.
  • Provide the opportunity to build leadership and teamwork.
  • Break down walls of diversity and build self-esteem.
  • Promote Gracious Professionalism and the Ideals of FIRST.
  • Promote the importance of education, teaching and learning.


  • Teach students new, creative, and innovative ideas.
  • Make contributions to the robots and team.
  • Set goals and deadlines.
  • Help students become familiar with the Engineering Field.

Executive Board

  • Inspire and model team unity and core values.
  • Help students to become familiar with the robotics environment.
  • Teach students how the robots work and function.
  • Be a spokesperson for the team.
  • Make sure that all disciplines are on task and on time.
  • Act as a liaison between mentors to student communication.


  • Help mentors and executive board distribute work load to the students.
  • Work with their designated team and bring the best ideas for the robots.
  • Teach the students as much as possible about the group they are in.
  • Help keep their assigned stations organized.
  • Monitor and assist in the tracking of hours put in by individual students and mentors.


  • Become self motivated and hard working.
  • Learn communication skills and be open to other’s ideas.
  • Willing to learn and be open to new ideas.
  • Commitment to punctuality and good attendance.
  • Exhibit Gracious Professionalism.
  • Fill out time cards for the amount of time a student puts in for the day.
  • Have fun, but be safe!

Team Goals

  • Outreach to the Galena Park community – generate awareness and pride in our team, school, and community.
  • Improve our communities through service projects.
  • Become a more professionally organized team.
  • Student must maintain a MINIMUM GPA of 2.0 or better in all classes.