Team KAOS Robotics grows bigger every year. Without the recruitment activities that Team KAOS provides, we would not have such a big group as we do today.
  • Team KAOS offers presentations at all GPSD middle schools and elementary schools throughout Galena Park. These presentations focuses on the all the benefits Team KAOS provides for employees and brings awareness to potential new members.
  • In order to introduce incoming freshmen to the excitement and thrill of the robotics program, the team organizes an annual KAOS Meet the Parents Night.
  • Team KAOS robotics maintains a booth at the annual Career and Technology recruiting seminar. A group of employees demonstrates the robot’s functions and how it operates to all interested students.
  • Emphasize young women to become more active in the engineering evolvement.
  • Flyers and brochures are distributed throughout the school and are placed in student orientation packets to introduce students to the core values of the Team KAOS Robotics program and the benefits of participating with the team.

Recruiting Members