Safety is Team KAOS’ number one priority. Almost all aspects of the project involve the use of tools and equipment that are potentially dangerous if not used properly. As members of Team KAOS, students must understand that safety is always the number one priority.


It should be understood that the Student Members of KAOS are viewed by the Mentor Team as Young Adults, acting much like employees of an organization. It is important to maintain a positive image to our community, sponsors and FIRST, and this begins with SAFETY. All Team KAOS members must know and demonstrate safe and professional behavior wherever the team conducts its business. KAOS Members will be required to become certified by the Mentor Instructor to use tools. These certifications will be granted after the Member has been trained in the proper use and can demonstrate safe and effective use of the tool. Several levels of certification will be issued depending on the tools used. Every member of KAOS will be required to identify all tools used by the team. Copies of signed certificates are kept on file.



Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide Galena Park High School students with the opportunity to learn from mentors in the field of engineering. To expose them to a real life atmosphere of a hands on engineering project. To meet the challenge of the thought process from the beginning to completion. Enter friendly competition with the desire to do well and overcome any obstacle encountered and deal with it from what they have learned. And in the spirit of FIRST, have FUN doing it!


Designated Robotics Areas

All Team members should always stay in the areas designated for the Robotics Team. Special permission may be granted to other areas on an as-need basis. For safety, when students are in the work area they should have a teacher or mentor present at all times.


Tool Usage

The use of tools is a necessity for most members of the team. Tools should always be used in a safe manner. Training and sign-off will be required to use any and all tools. Only adequately trained team members may use tools – NO EXCEPTIONS. Always remember that tool usage is a privilege and not a right, so use them responsibly.


Emergency Situations

In the case of an Emergency call the front office at 832-386-2800, and tell them who and where you are and follow their instructions.
For all life threatening accidents or injuries on the school property dial 911 immediately, followed by a call to security.


To view Team KAOS' complete Safety Manual, which includes all test requirements and specifications, please click the link provided below to open it as a Microsoft Office Word document. Safety Handbook Version 2