Why Join?

Leading the Future

Students that join the Galena Park High School Robotics team are exposed to fields in which the possibilites are endless. Our students derive perceptions and learn skills from (but are not limited to) engineering, science, mathematics, technology, architecture, business, and professionalism. By providing students with opportunities and with necessary resources, they are able to experience different career paths at an early stage which allows them to make better decisions when it is time to apply for a post secondary education and choose a career. Believe it or not, our students will be a part of future professionals that will work the long hours to find the cure for cancer, discover a planet in a galaxy nearby capable of sustaining life, and maybe even develop medicine and products that could extend the average human life expectancy to over one hundred. WE ARE THE FUTURE!


Unforgettable Experience

The memories originated in Team KAOS will follow you forever. Our students always manage to find a way to make everything fun; there is never a dull moment. Even if you have never met the members already on the team, we guarantee you will have no trouble fitting in. Our initiation ceremony is one of the funnest events of the year. Created and designed by veteran members, we create activities in which we all get to know one another yet succeed in having fun! The water balloon fight might not help, but it sure is fun! Going on trips away from the high school also allows students to travel to remote locations which they have possibly never been to before. Some of our members are even first time flyers! Ultimately, you will remember the members, mentors, engineers, and the KAOS that comes along with it, for the rest of your life!

Why Join?
Why Join?
Why Join?
Why Join?


Interaction with GE Engineers

Team KAOS has an extensive partnership with General Electric. Not only does GE provide most of the funds for Team KAOS, but they also grant us with something that outshines the capabilites of any paper dollar. GE also allows professional engineers to take time out of their busy schedule and join the robotics team as mentors. The engineers have one-on-one conversations with all the student members and teach them skills necessary not only in robotics, but in the workplace. From tightening a bolt to reinventing the wheel, GE Engineers help us in just about anything. Students also recieve the opportunity to hear about the engineers’ personal experiences, their drive, and how they managed to get where they are today. We ♥ You GE!



  • Exposure to Career Fields
  • Introduction to Career Pathway
  • Real-time interaction with Professional Engineers
  • Travel to Different Locations in the US
  • Meet Great Students with Similar Interests
  • Have Lots of Fun!
  • Learn to Use Machinery
  • Interact with Individuals from all over the Nation
  • Life Changing Experience
  • Scholarship Opportunities

Robotics members departing the airport in St. Louis, Missouri, and getting ready to start competing at the FRC Championship.Why Join?
Cesar Reyes ensuring that all cables are properly connected and are not tangled.Why Join?
Several robotics members eating a well deserved dinner before heading back home from the 'Texas Round Up' FIRST off season event.Why Join?


……. And Because it’s FREE!