2012 Robot: Cesar

Below is Team KAOS’ approach for completing objectives of the 2012 Competition: Rebound Rumble. All FIRST teams receive six weeks to showcase their work and skills into an effectively performing robot.

Meet our Robot: Cesar


Robot Features

  • Shooter turns and tilts on both the x and y axis for aiming toward the goals.
  • Robot can hold two basketballs at a time.
  • Lift mechanism has multiple functionalities: to pick up the basketballs and to push the ramps down.
  • Direct drive chassis with worm gear motors.
  • Ability to shoot into all three basket levels.
  • Shooter spins fast enough to shoot the basketballs up to the third goal without difficulty.
  • Fast drive system with smooth turning.
  • Can balance on the ramps, parked vertically in reference to the front and back of the ramps.
  • Lightweight. Weight is distributed evenly amongst the robot.
  • Organized electronics make it easy to make quick modifications.



2012 Robot
2012 Robot
2012 Robot
2012 Robot

2012 Robot
2012 Robot
2012 Robot



Team KAOS, FIRST Team 1429 practicing the accuracy of the basketball shooter. We realized it still needs some work.2012 Robot
Testing the Shooter
Team KAOS testing an early basketball lift concept for the 2012 Robotics Competition.2012 Robot
Testing Basketball Lift
Testing all motors and mechanisms to ensure proper electrical connections and programming.2012 Robot
Testing Functionality


Regional’s Attending

The team will be participating at the following regionals this year. We will also be attending the Championships if we qualify.