Design Process

During the Build Season, all FIRST teams are allotted six weeks to create a robot. Team KAOS has found that it is crucial to specify an “order of events” in which processes become reality. By following these steps, the team believes that we avoid duplicity and increases efficiency across all team disciplines.

Team KAOS’ Ten Step Design Process


Step 1: Identify the problem
  • What is the game?
  • How will we address it?
Step 2: Generate Specifications
  • Design Constraints
  • Functional Requirements
Step 3: Specification Ranking
  • [W] Wish
  • [P] Preferred
  • [D] Demand
Step 4: Generate Concept
  • Gather Ideas
  • Concept Strategies
Step 5: Prototyping
  • Generate Scaled Concepts
  • Crude but Functional
Step 6: Choose Concept
  • Use “Lessons Learned”
  • Simple and Elegant Solution
Step 7: Detailed Design
  • CAD/Inventor Design
  • Design Calculations
Step 8: Design Presentation
  • Present for Approval
  • Improve Design
Step 9: Manufacturing and Implementation
  • “Build the Thing!”
  • Purchase Parts to Create Final Product
Step 10: Test and Analysis
  • Does it fulfill all specifications?
  • Is it functional?