Links and Resources

Below are many links and resources provided by FIRST and other FIRST teams. These resources are available for all teams to use and should be helpful in answering most questions.


The very first document that all new FIRST teams should read is the FRC Handbook. However, this is not just for rookies, this resource is available for all teams.



For Teams By Teams

Resources provided by veteran FIRST teams for new FIRST teams.


CAD Design and Animation

Information regarding CAD and 3D animation software for use in the FIRST Robotics Competition.



To help teams understand and implement the FIRST Safety Program, the FIRST Safety Manual provides information on the FIRST Safety Awareness and Recognition Program.

Team Marketing FAQ

Click the link below to read the common asked questions throughout the FRC season.


FIRST Team Management

All FRC Teams are required to register the team and students at the links provided below.


Below are contact links for both FIRST and FRC.


Community Resources

Familiarize yourself with these Community Resources provided by other teams:

For a complete list of resources visit FIRST's Resources area.