Sack attack

Game Description:

In this years Vex game (Sack attack), there is Two alliances, one red and one blue composed of two teams each. they compete in a 12’x12’ square field where there is a total of ninety-eight sacks and four Bonus sacks available as scoring objects in the game. Each Robot begins a match on one of their Alliance Starting Tiles. There are ten scoring areas, five of each color, of varying heights which teams can Score Sacks or Bonus Sacks in. Alliances earn a bonus of ten points for having the Robots of their own color touching their Starting Tiles at the end of the Match. A bonus is awarded to the Alliance that has the most points at the end of the Autonomous Period.






Scoring Green sack Yellow sack
Starting tile 1 Point 6 Points
Mid troughs 5 Points 10 Points
High goal 10 points 15 Points


Game Animation